Hidden Mind of Freedom

Created to encourage readers to explore the liberating potential of mind, this book is a training in how to learn from all manner of experience and gain confidence in our inner resources. It lays out topics and practices in a clear and effective progression that leads the reader to directly experience mind's vital energy. Meditation and self-observation balance emotions, stabilizing concentration and deepening awareness. Awareness makes it possible to counteract laziness and tap the power of breath; breath steadied and vitalized through mantra smooths the flow of thoughts, empowering patience and lessening the grip of self image, allowing love and compassion to flow freely. At ease in the free-flowing energies of body and mind, one surrenders with gratitude to the teachings and rests in natural being. Like other books in the psychology series, it can be used for independent study and meditation, and it can also provide a structure for self-guided or group retreats.

ISBN 978-0-913546-83-3
112 pp



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