How To Frame a Thanka

How To Frame a Thanka, a guide to displaying sacred art, and constructing frames for Tibetan poster-size sacred art.

From "Preliminary Steps": 

Making a Model: Before beginning to work on more expensive cloth, it is best to make a model in muslin or plain cotton cloth. The model will provide valuable experience in cutting and sewing, and can serve as a guide for future efforts. As a preliminary step, you might wish to cut a pattern from newspapers, and practice folding and assembling the pieces, gluing them in the same way you will be gluing or sewing the cloth. Proportions: Although thankas and prints vary in size, following this formula for proportions will give aesthetically pleasing results. Width of side panels: 1/3 the height of the picture. Height of top panel: 1/3 of the image length. Height of. . .

ISBN 978-0-89800-203-4
16 pp

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