Calm and Clear

"Wheel of Analytic Meditation" guides the student step by step from initial observation of the marks of existence compoundedness, impermanence, frustration, and emptiness to a penetrating insight into the causes of suffering, while refining concentration and observation into powerful tools for deepening meditation. "Instructions on the Middle Way" progresses to deeper levels of understanding until "unquestionable experience dawns."

Lama Mipham's Calm and Clear, two texts on Shamata and Vipasyana meditation, introduces his students to these practices.

Tarthang Tulku added introductions clarifying the major topics: how to meditate on impermanence, the nature of suffering, qualities that relieve obscurations, and the path to enlightenment.

Translated by Tarthang Tulku.
Includes Tibetan text.
Adopted for courses at eighteen universities.
Demonstrates clearly how to combine study and practice.

ISBN 978-0-913546-02-4

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