Excerpts from The Joy of Being: Advanced Kum Nye Practices - Audiobook

"If we can learn how to relax before our minds become agitated and our perceptions bombarded and overwhelmed, we can bring out the hidden qualities of our senses and appreciate their nuances and textures. If we cultivate our own inner treasures, they will reward us with bliss, joy, and happiness beyond our fondest imaginings" -Tarthang Tulku

The Joy of Being goes beyond the purely physical aspects of relaxation to explore this application to the senses, the perceptual process, and cognition.

The author points to the pressures and restrictions that affect the nature of our experience and offers exercises that open gateways to new dimensions of enjoyment and pleasure.

Chapters include:

Energy and Feeling
Relaxation and Meditation
Tuning Our Physical Senses
Getting the Juice Out of Experience
Mind and Perceptions
Making Mind Our Friend
Finding Our Foundation
The Need to Be

*This audiobook is a recording of the main text. The physical exercises from this text are not included.

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