Enlightenment is a Choice

The 45 essays in this volume fall under 10 subjects: The Buddha and His Teachings, Lives of the Great Masters, Mahayana View and Path, Mind and Meditation, The Crystal Mirror Series (Basic Buddhist Teachings), The Annals of the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center, 1969-1997, Tibetan Art and Culture, Preserving the Textual Tradition, Religious and Cultural Preservation, Letters, Memorials, and Addresses, including Tarthang Rinpoche's moving tribute to Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. 

The Beauty of the Dharma: "Urgyen Tulku wore his knowledge and attainments lightly. Unlike some learned masters, who seem to lecture whenever they open their mouths, he spoke with such kindness and sensitivity that no one hesitated to question him. He used his knowledge to touch the heart of everyone he met, making conversation with him a delight. He had the gift of making each person feel that he alone was the lama's favorite – so well did he manifest the beauty of compassion. His students responded with deep devotion and an eagerness to learn more. They were serious in their studies, and often sought out the opportunity for long retreats. For myself, I dedicate to Tulku Urgyen my future work and renew my commitment to do all that I can for the sake of the Dharma."

from "Tulku Urgyen: In Honor of His Memory", by Tarthang Tulku

ISBN 978-0-89800-300-0
355 pp



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