Activating the Mandala of Your Life - Sao Paulo

The Sanskrit word mandala suggests both origin and its infinite continuity. It is linked to the words mantra and manas (an aspect of mind), and thus to speech and realization. As the perfect field of realization, the mandala arrives at no final point that can be touched, has no root that can be unearthed; displays no edge whose location can be discovered.

This 3 day seminar, part of a series of full-length mandala retreat recordings, presents the teachings on the mandala, one of the main structures of Tibetan Buddhism for releasing your potential delivered by senior student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Arnaud Maitland. Includes live Portuguese translation.


  1. What is the Mandala
  2. How to Enter the Mandala
  3. Kum Nye Practice to Activate the Mandala of your Life
  4. Application of the Mandala – The Colors of the Mandala
  5. The Promise of Your Life
  6. The Seed, East, South, North and West
  7. Understanding the Blueprint
  8. Meditation Practice: In Each Direction is a Gate
  9. Review and other Areas in the Mandala

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