Awakening the Voice of Knowledge

2 Day Seminar from Monteviedo, Uruguay led by Arnaud Maitland w/ Spanish translation

Wishing to hear your inner voice, offering direction and meaning? Wishing to remain open and letting the senses inform you? Wishing to diminish suffering and following your own path?

The path starts with body-awareness, learning to ask the right questions and listening to yourself. Then, we discover the voice of knowledge in the heart.

This two days seminar recorded live in Montevideo, Uruguay will give you some simple ways to strengthen body-awareness and open seeing and hearing. Thus, Inner knowing arises. You can count on that!

Tarthang Tulku’s Nyingma teachings provide the de­sign for this reliable knowledge and Arnaud Maitland, one of his long time senior students will facilitate these discoveries.

Program provides 5 1/2 hours of theory and practice.



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