Discovering the Voice of Your Life Retreat

The Discovering the Voice of Your Life retreat audio explores the conditions that support an increasing fundamental openness within experience and that create a sense of inner freedom and possibility for intimate self-guidance, the voice of your life.

This inner voice is instrumental for making contact with the depth of your purpose for being here. Thus, it is possible to create the conditions that determine the genuine course of your life.

Learning how to disengage from distractions of thoughts and daily events, your intelligence and energy are free to contact the seed of your potential, to release it, so that you can hear your destiny, your heart's desire. When you are free, your destiny is clearly unfolding in your life. 

Over 28 hours of theory, practices and meditations 

The retreat audio works with:

Discovering the Silent Observer Within

Working with Thoughts

Reviewing Experience

Recognizing the Nature of the Reality

Experience as a Dream

Nurturing Relationships

Connecting from Spirit to Spirit

The Seed of Your Potential

Attention and Intention

Appreciation for our Precious Human Life

Unfolding Your Potential

Kum Nye Dancing Series: Spiritual Transformation


*Only available as a download.

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