Death and Dying Retreat - Buenos Aires

A Six Day retreat Recording in Buenos Aires, Argentina led by Arnaud Maitland with Spanish Translation

If we wish to get the most out of life, we do need to know about impermanence and change, about death and dying. Learning about these topics can wake us up and remind us:

"This is my moment in time!

There is a reason for me being here!"

This full 6 days retreat recording brings the depth and richness of Tibetan Buddhist teachings on death and dying to you and will undoubtedly give you courage and faith to make the most of your life.

Topics Include

  • Human Embodiment
  • The Process of Dissolution
  • The Three Bardos
  • Preparing ourselves for the time of death
  • How to best help the sick and dying
  • Great Liberation Through Hearing
  • The use of Mantras and Visualizations
  • Becoming Familiar with Space
  • Fear and Awareness
  • Karma and Suffering
  • Life’s Cycles
  • Dynamic Principle Guiding Us to Wholeness
  • Connecting to Time through knowledge of death
  • Appreciation and Stability
  • Getting the Most Out of Life

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