Now That I Come To Die DVD

At the age of 56, having mastered the Dharma realms in the same way a chakravartin king becomes sovereign of the entire world, Longchenpa announced that he had achieved what he had set out to do in this life.

Before entering Parinirvana, he urged his students to prepare themselves well, taking full advantage of the opportunities that life offers for escaping the bonds of samsara.

His teachings on this occasion are the source of this DVD which features photos of various sites in Tibet such as Samye monastery and one of Longchenpa's meditation caves.

The text is displayed so you can read along with Arnaud Maitland as he reads aloud the text.  

Engaging for both the eyes and ears, this DVD of Now That I Come to Die is sure to please anyone interested in the teachings of one of Tibet's greatest masters.

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