Red Crystal Tibetan Incense


Creating deeply scented, quality incense for therapeutic and meditative uses is one of the oldest Tibetan arts. This incense has been compounded in accordance with a famous 13th century manuscript on incense-making. It consists of 23 of the best quality medicinal herbal ingredients which are gathered in their native environments.

Because such great quantities of these precious ingredients are used, when you burn it, a feeling of spaciousness and serenity pervades your entire being through the sense of smell. In meditation, it aids in single pointed concentration. For therapeutic purposes it helps relieve tension and irritability. Besides meditation and therapy, it also has the following two uses:

1. Puja Offering: the natural and aromatic ingredients contain various auspicious substances that are ideal for puja offerings.

2. Air Freshener: the aroma eliminates stale odor and leaves a room with delightful country fresh, clean fragrance.




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