Kum Nye: Tibetan Yoga - Audiobook

Based on the Tibetan medical system, Kum Nye consists of exercises developed by Tarthang Tulku to relieve stress and promote the deep relaxation necessary to experience the full benefits of meditation.

It is both a natural healing aid and a means for deepening meditation.

An effective means to become fully comfortable in our embodiment, Kum Nye consists of: breathing, massage, postures, and movement exercises that release blockages and allow energy to flow unobstructed through body and mind, restoring the wholeness of being.

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga integrates and balances physical and psychological approaches to harmonize the energies of body and mind.

The deep relaxation produced releases a vibrant, intense flow of feeling that renders all experince richer, healhtier, and more beautiful.

The Audio Book doesn't contain the 115 exercises.


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