Crystal Mirror 9 - Holy Places of the Buddha, Full Color Edition

This exciting new edition of Crystal Mirror 9:  Holy Places of the Buddha brings Buddhist holy sites life through all-new, lush, full color photographs.  Featuring over 50 photos of pilgrimage sites, Holy Places of the Buddha is a must have for those interested in the Buddhist history, pilgrimages, and Buddhist teachings.

Holy Places of the Buddha cites the scriptures, the journals of early pilgrims, and archaeological reports to convey the physical reality of the Buddha in place and time and the continued significance of the holy places to Buddhists today.

This volume presents the purpose of pilgrimage and the benefits of visiting sites vibrant with the energy of enlightenment. The more the traveler knows about these sacred sites, the more readily the heart will open to their blessings.

ISBN 978-0-89800-001-6
494 pp

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