Mastering Successful Work

Mastering Successful Work by Tarthang Tulku, was created to help readers live cheerfully, work with good results, and profit from knowledge in any circumstance. Offering clear, powerful guidance on how to make work into a path of transformation and dynamic realization, Mastering Successful Work sets forth principles and practices that apply to almost everyone and to virtually every discipline. For those who have been successful, it offers opportunities to discover a quality in work that gives a new sense of meaning. 

  • Part One sets forth central themes of knowledge, time, and awareness
  • Part Two introduces structures for accomplishment: paying attention, taking responsibility, discipline, communication, and sharing knowledge. 
  • Part Three presents exercises for transforming attitudes and approaches: recognizing and overcoming negative patterns. 
  • Part Four includes more advanced supplemental exercises, leading up to tools for transformation, and concluding with a list of good business practices. Together, the motivation chapters and the exercises have a structure and progression that can be followed by individuals working on their own or incorporated into Skillful Means seminars and programs.

More than 80 exercises that can be done on-the-job are included.

ISBN 978-0-89800-262-1
288 pp

For those who have been successful, it offers opportunities to discover in work a quality that gives a new sense of meaning. As a result, the principles set forth in this book

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