Crystal Mirror 10 - Buddha and His Teachings

The Buddha and His Teachings is intended to encourage study of the Sutras and shastras and awaken a genuine love for the Buddha.

This volume focuses on the qualities of the Enlightened Ones, drawing on Sutras and authoritative works by Buddhist masters to introduce the perfect Buddhas: how they awaken wisdom and compassion and the stages by which they bring to maturity the qualities and blessings of enlightened being. A timeline constructed from accounts in the Vinaya and Sutras traces the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni and his years of teaching and shaping the Sangha, and continues through the era of King Kanishka. It includes summaries of the openings of the Sutras preserved in the bkan-gyur, naming the place, speakers, audience, and conditions that gave rise to each teaching.

ISBN 978-0-89800-272-0
381 pp

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