Light of Knowledge

Light of Knowledge: Essays on the Interplay of Knowledge, Time, and Space presents eleven articles, including an illuminating essay by Tarthang Tulku on "Geographies of Knowledge." Mostly composed in an academic style, these articles show deepening appreciation for the TSK vision and the role it could play in our culture.

Each book in the Perspectives on Time, Space and Knowledge series has its own flavor. Light of Knowledge offers thoughtful, penetrating essays that explore the vision through the eyes of serious practitioners. The essay by Hal Gurish on "transparency" may be the most immediately accessible, for it focuses on the level of experience. Jack Petranker asks whether a TSK challenge to the private self could transform our political culture; this essay has been assigned in university courses on political theory. Ron Purser offers a very personal look at applying TSK to teaching in the context of management. The other essays are also by long-term students, who share their passion and commitment for the value of this vision. A special treat is the essay by Tarthang Tulku, which explores what it would mean to "turn perception on its edge."

ISBN 978-0-89800-287-4
449 pp

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