Dynamics of Time and Space

Dynamics of Time and Space: Transcending Limits on Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku offers a simple, inviting way to explore the TSK vision. Readers report that it draws them into a range of questions and experiences that is completely new. They find the book friendly in the way that a mentor might be friendly: supportive but also challenging.

Here, readers have the chance to see a master of knowledge at work. Questions build on each other naturally and simply until the horizon of experience falls away, and we find ourselves somewhere wholly unexpected. Mystery itself becomes the secret path of knowledge, revealing as it conceals.

A series of exercises in the last section of the book, each with an illuminating commentary, helps to deepen experience and complements the thoughtful and inspiring discussion. A central focus in the exercises related to time is the nature of pain and how to work with it. Readers have found this a surprisingly fruitful approach: remarkable because it ignores all of our usual ideas about pain, teaching us to transform experiences that we tend to think of as fixed and fundamental.

ISBN 978-0-89800-266-9
284 pp



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