New Dimensions of Freedom, the 4th of July

Read and enjoy these love letters to America from the truest believer in its religious liberties.  New Dimensions of Freedom is a remarkable collection of essays, originally speeches delivered during Fourth of July celebrations over a seven year period by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. They reflect the unique and grateful perspective of one who has suffered the loss of his beloved country, Tibet, yet has flourished in the freedoms afforded to him in his new home, the United States of America.

At one level, these spirited writings are expressions of immense gratitude for the work of America’s Founding Fathers in devising a constitutional framework that promotes opportunities while protecting the ability of everyone to pursue them. At another level, the essays record with pride the accomplishments of a number of projects and organizations founded by Rinpoche to help restore the Buddhist culture in the East while also transmitting the Dharma teachings to the West. The author interweaves these themes with rich insights and wise observations that could only have come from one whose heart is deeply committed to both places.

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