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In the face of the challenges confronting the publishing world today, Dharma Publishing maintains its dedication to keeping valuable books in print. Even though sales are far below what a commercial publisher would consider acceptable, we feel that if the book is worthy, it is crucial to keep it available.

That is where we would like your support. This year we are reprinting two important Dharma books by the great master Longchenpa: Volume 1 of Kindly Bent to Ease Us and Now That I Come to Die. We also want to reprint, Path of Heroes, an extensive 19th century Nyingma mind-training (lojong) text, enhanced with essays and a practice program from Tarthang Tulku.  Also, Ways of Enlightenment, as an invaluable introduction to fundamental Buddhist teachings and the Buddhist path patterned after a concise encyclopedic text by Lama Mipham.

The cost of printing and binding a three year supply of these books is about $7,000.

If you would like to sponsor the reprinting of any one of these volumes, in whole or part, we can let you know the cost of each. You can also contribute right away. Any dollar amount you would like to offer is gratefully accepted.

To make direct contact please send an email to


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