Mantra Practice Volume 1 - Om Ah Hum


The word mala means "garland" or "rosary" in Sanskrit. A mala consists of 108 or 27 beads. Buddha recommended the mantra practice as a path to enlightenment for ordinary people. Counting mantra with a mala engages the hand (body), the voice (speech) and the mind by visualizingĀ the deity. Hold the mala gently and with respect. Start counting with the first bead after the 'guru' bead. Count a bead for each completed recitation. When you complete either 108 or 4x27 recitations, do not pass over the 'guru' bead. Instead, flip the mala around 180 degrees, and keep going the same direction. In closing you may like to dedicate merit to a specific person or group of people and all sentient beings.

When chanting Om, all knowledge is being drawn into body and mind. The entire universe gathers within the field of Om.

With Ah the energy of the universe is transformed into a still and open realm, enabling engagement with all appropriate communicative processes. Ah symbolized the potential of being.

With Hum the enlightened energy flows back into, to spread its benefits in all directions. With Hum enlightened energy is embodied.


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