Mantras from Ratna Ling: Volume II

The word mantra refers to protection, transmission and transformation of mind. Its enlightened energy is encoded in syllables and sound.The rhythms and dynamic of mantra's sounds lead awareness past conceptual images and words, disengaging patterns that give samsara form. The sound of mantra evokes indestructible awareness, enabling mantra to become a wish-fulfilling gem. Their far reaching power and application is available for any honorable purpose and pressing need. They will bring joy and well-being, while promoting harmony between humanity and the cosmos.

Track Listing:

  1. Seven Line Prayer 3:18
  2. Taking Refuge 1:14
  3. Breakfast Prayer 1:30
  4. Om Muni 4:44
  5. Om A Ra Pa Sta Na Di 3:32
  6. Vajrasattva Mantra 5:27
  7. Longchenpa Prayer 3:23
  8. Vajra Guru Mantra - Devotional Longchenpa 6:46
  9. Four Immeasurables (Tibetan) 1:28
  10. Four Immeasurables (English) 3:15
  11. Ram Yam Kham 7:49
  12. Dedication of Merit 1:09
  13. Ah Ha Sha Sa Ma Ha 3:44


Category: Mantra

Type: Mantra Download

Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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