Tibetan Meditations Volume 1 - Mindfulness of Breath

Guided Meditations from the Mindfulness of Breath chapter of Joy of Being will lead you in five parts to an ever deepening inner calmness and balanced relationship between the inner and outer worlds. Mindfulness of breath is one of the key pillars for developing a true sense of mindfulness and meditation. The practices presented here go beyond merely observing the coming and going of the breath, but actually enables us to engage with the energy of the breath and its inherent qualities of calmness and stillness. Once these qualities begin to flow through our energy body, we explore the relationship between the inner and outer environments through our breathing. 
Mindfulness of Breath in Five Parts invites us to: Observe the flow of the breath and feel the quality of the breath. We will notice and feel the flavor of calmness of the breath. Then, we will rest inside the flow of calmness as the energy of the breath travels to touch the throat and heart, awakening each center. Connect to the positive energies outside the body through the exhale and invite them back into the body with the inhale. And, nourish the entire body with the fresh open quality of space. 
Track 1: Introduction to Volume 1 - 1 Minute
Track 2: Preparation for Meditation: KN#15 - 2 Minutes
Track 3: Mindfulness of Breath Part 1 - 6 Minutes
Track 4: Mindfulness of Breath Part 2 - 8 Minutes
Track 5: Mindfulness of Breath Part 3 - 13 Minutes
Track 6: Mindfulness of Breath Part 4 - 6 Minutes
Track 7: Mindfulness of Breath Part 5 - 9 Minutes

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