Kum Nye Dancing: Line by Line Reading

In reaching out to our current and potential readers, we have found that if we read Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's books slowly while make comments pertaining to a particular sentence or paragraph, it greatly enhances people's connection with a sustained interest in the teachings Rinpoche is offering.  

For Kum Nye Dancing, senior Dharma Publishing Academy Instructor Arnaud Maitland takes the listener through the gestures and theory behind the practice. What makes Kum Nye Dancing special? Why is it important to us? These questions and more are answered. Program is downloadable content only.


Track 1: Introduction Part 1 - Pages IX-XII

Track 2: Introduction Part 2 - Pages XII-XV

Track 3: Discovering Kum Nye Dancing - Pages XV-XVII

Track 4: Our Human Set Up - Pages 2-7

Track 5: Beyond Instructions - Pages 10-15

Track 6: Kum Nye as Sensory Creativity - Pages 18-22

Track 7: Joy of Dancing - Pages 24-27

Track 8: Joy of Dancing - Pages 27-30

Track 9: Joy of Dancing - Pages 31-36

Track 10: Joy of Dancing - Pages 36-38

Track 11: Joy of Dancing - Pages 39-43

Track 12: Joy of Dancing - Pages 43-46

Track 13: Joy of Dancing - Pages 46-49

Track 14: The Gestures: Pages 52-56

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