Mindfulness at Work

Stress is on everybody’s mind today. Many of us experience it daily, whether it is at work or at home, it is likely that we carry it from one place to another, finding it hard to release the tensions that are caused from all that stress that seems to follow us around.

We may not be able to get rid of stress on command, but we can certainly learn to handle it better. Since stress is experienced in the body and the mind, the tools for getting a grip on these overwhelming feelings need to be discovered and applied there as well. The primary goal should not be to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings but to be able to deal with them wisely. 

Join Arnaud Maitland as he takes you through precise steps that can help cultivate Mindfulness at Work which will enable us to navigate tension and avoid stress. Plus, we will explore theory and practice on how to restore balance, while we work.

Topics Include:

  • Five steps of mindfulness to learn to handle stress
  • Mindfulness of Breath, as the breath plays a crucial role in establishing ongoing well being since the physical breath charts the rhythms of our life
  • Learning to relax in tension is our way out of stress
  • Cell-level healing
  • Restoring balance: Four Kinds of Balance
  • Feminine and Masculine

1. Introduction
2. Stress
3. You Are Not Your Stress
4. The Power of Breath
5. Cultivating the Breath

Part II:
1. Introduction
2. Tension is Normal, Stress is Not
3. Cell-Level Healing
4. Four Types of Balance
5. Feminine and Masculine

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