Developing the Inner Manager: Becoming the Manager of your Life

Recorded seminars on the Skillful Means module: Becoming a manager of your life.

The practice of Skillful Means is finding a way of working that challenges abilities, overcomes obstacles, transforms resistance and negativity, and offers inspiration to yourself and others through creative accomplishment.

In addition to technical skills, you need to develop inner resources that will make life meaningful and turn work into a creative enterprise.

CD One Contents:

Taking Responsibility for Your Life
Weaknesses and Undeveloped Abilities
Levels of Motivation
Valuing Your Time
Just Do It Now
Your Work Gives Feedback
Interest and Confidence
Developing Intelligence and Feeling
Top Qualities for a Top Executive

CD Two Contents:

The Human Potential for Growth
Appreciation and Interest
Causes of Burnout
Avoiding Burnout
Balancing body-mind, being-doing, giving-receiving


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