Fortunate Aeon- 4 Volumes

The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas become Enlightened is a translation of the Bhadrakalpika, a Sutra celebrating the vast procession of Buddhas who embody the inconceivable Dharmakaya and bring joy to the hearts of beings throughout space and time. A unique and extensive teaching, the Bhadrakalpa presents the ten powers that distinguish a Buddha from all other beings, describing the samadhis that develop each power and the 8,400 perfections that give access to to these samadhis. It goes on to name each of the thousand Buddhas to appear in the course of our present aeon, predicting their place of birth, their parents, the number of their disciples, and the length of a human lifespan. Following closely upon the publication of The Voice of the Buddha, The Fortunate Aeon was translated to Westerners to deepen appreciation for the inconceivable accomplishments of the supremely Enlightened Ones and benefit from their example. This four-volume edition features Tibetan and English on facing pages. Designed to invite study and reflection, it incorporates woodblock prints of the thousand Buddhas printed in silver ink. A veritable compendium of Buddha-perfections, all grounded in the six perfections fundamental to the Bodhisattva path, this teaching can inspire readers to practice the perfections and move closer to the awakening of Bodhicitta. Four volumes.

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