Gathering the Meanings

The Arthaviniscaya Sutra and its Commentary Nibandhana, Translated with an Introduction and Notes by N.H. Samtani

This Sutra is a concise compendium of Abhidharma, a veritable dictionary of key terms for Dharma practitioners. According to the commentary composed by the eighth-century master Viryashridatta, this teaching is essential for cutting the roots of suffering and bringing about liberation. The Buddha explains twenty-seven categories to be investigated and correctly understood, such as skandhas, ayatanas, dhatus, pratityasamutpada, indriyas, the four truths, the dhyanas, the immeasurables, the eightfold path, the thirty-seven wings, and the qualities and powers of the Buddha. While other authoritative Abhidharma texts are generally complex and encyclopedic, this work is refreshingly clear, concise, and direct. Includes bibliography, indexes, lists of terms.

ISBN 978-0-89800-267-6
320 pp

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