Jataka Tales - Rabbit Who Overcame Fear/The Hunter & the Quail

With sound effects, lovely music and great voiceovers, these stories come to life emphasizing the values of communication and cooperation.

Includes two Jataka tales stories:

The Rabbit who Overcame Fear – A young rabbit, startled from sleep by a loud noise and shaking, springs into flight in fear of an earthquake. His panic spreads, endangering all who rush after him blindly. A wise lion saves them and teaches them how to cope more wisely with fear.

The Hunter and The Quail – Using a net, a hunter captured many birds each day. Following a wise quail’s advice, the birds learned that by cooperating, they could lift up the net and escape. But arguments arose among some birds, and they were soon trapped. Those who refrained from quarreling lived safely and in peace. 

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