Mantra Practice Volume 2 - Vajra Guru Mantra


"O Guru, if one should rely solely on your sadhana which is the Vajra Guru Mantra, what benefit and advantage will come from this?"

The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra of Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Buddhism in Tibet. It is said to be especially beneficial for these troubled times, for it has great power to calm the tensions and anxieties so common to our age. If one sits quietly and concentrates complete attention upon one's own voice chanting the mantra, the worry and distress that continuously keep the mind in turmoil will slowly suffuse with a deep calm.

With practice, it is possible to extend the period of peaceful concentration, thus creating a refuge from fears, doubts, and other painful mental distractions. As mind gradually settles and awareness arises, the self-nature of mind can be realized.

The word mala means garland or rosary in Sanskrit. A mala consists of 108 or 27 beads. Buddha recommended the mantra practice as a path to enlightenment for ordinary people. Hold the mala gently, with respect. Start counting with the first bead after the 'guru' bead. Count a bead for each completed recitation. When you complete either 108 or 4x27 recitations, do not pass over the 'guru' bead. Instead, flip the mala around 180 degrees, and keep going the same direction. In closing you may like to dedicate merit to a specific person or group of people and all sentient beings.

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