Mantras from Ratna Ling: Volume IV - Medicine Buddha Practice

Revealed to Dujom Rinpoche by Padmasambhava, the Medicine Buddha practice is a powerful method to clear obscurations, promote healing and purify the mind. Particularly when practiced for the benefit of all beings, reciting these lines can bring infinite blessings and realizations.

"Although all the Buddhas have the same nature, each has a particular power. When we recite the mantra, rays of light emanate from the heart of the Buddha, like a hundred rising suns, curing all the diseases and obscurations of beings and even their causes. By the power of this practice may all suffering and problems of the beings be removed by the power of the Medicine Buddha. Recite while concentrating on the rays of light. At the end of the practice by the power of these rays of light sufferings are completely removed, like darkness is dispelled by a torch. At the end of the recitation of mantra, be free of the concept that beings and Buddhas are different." 

- from the Root Text by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche

Track Listing

Track 1 - Homage to Medicine Buddha

Track 2 - Medicine Buddha Practice, Long Version

Track 3 - Medicine Buddha Practice, Short Version (slow)

Track 4 - Medicine Buddha Practice, Short Version (fast)

Track 5 - Om Ah Hum Benzar Guru Padma Siddhi Hum


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