Mantras from Ratna Ling: Volume VI - Prayers to Padmasambhava

When Buddhism was established in Tibet, tunes of local folk songs were adopted for traditional mantras. In the same spirit Dharma Publishing brings you Prayers to Padmasambhava, our 6th Mantras from Ratna Ling CD created for the invocation of Padmasambhava. Taking traditional melodies and arranging them in a western style, these are tunes that will stay with you like your favorite song. You can even dance to them! Prayers to Padmasambhava is an excellent companion to Padmasambhava Comes to Tibet and will be sure to inspire you, move you, engage your heart and mind, and with just one listen you'll be hooked.

Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Seven Line Prayer
3. Om Ah Hum Benzar Guru
4. Du Sum Sang Gyey
5. Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche
6. Prayer to Guru Rinpoche
7. Prayer to Mahapandita
8. Prayer to Padmasambhava
9. Swiftly Answer Our Prayers
10. Seven Line Prayer (Take 2)

Seven Line Prayer

Category: Mantra

Type: Mantra Download

Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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