Marvelous Companion

The Marvelous Companion: Aryashura's Jatakamala is a retelling of thirty-four Jatakas, accounts of the Buddha's previous lives, by the great first century Indian master and poet. This book is essentially a rewording into modern English of an earlier translation by Joseph Speyer, undertaken to make it more accessible to Dharma students.

This particular collection of Jatakas, retold by a renowned Buddhist master and poet, enriches understanding of karma and conveys attitudes and actions that develop perfect compassion. The Jatakas can serve as occasions to reflect upon the moral choices in our lives and open our eyes to the reality of karma, helping us develop the insight and discipline we need to acknowledge and change destructive patterns of behavior. This work is dedicated to Western Dharma students with the wish that the teachings it conveys will illuminate their understanding of karma, the indomitable strength of virtue, and the enlightening power of Bodhisattva compassion.

With 34 line drawings by Rosalyn White, working to the directions of Tarthang Tulku. A glossary of Sanskrit terms round out the presentation. Its language is highly accessible and relatable. 

ISBN 978-0-913546-89-5
379 pp

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