"It is important to develop your own skillful means, based on your specific background and temperament, your own personal approach." 

MasterWork: Master of Time, by Arnaud Maitland presents a map for mastering the art of working well; cultivating our inner resources while getting practical results in the world. This book both chronicles the experiment of his work at a commercial printing company without prior experience, and points the way to working with the Skillful Means principles that Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has espoused since his arrival in America.

Based on discoveries made in working with Skillful Means as dean of the Nyingma Institute and later, as director of Dharma Enterprises, Arnaud Maitland's MasterWork is intended to serve as an example of how to work with Skillful Means, producing tangible products while simultaneously practicing a spiritual path, and it invites readers to experiment with Skillful Means for themselves. 

Author: Arnaud Maitland

ISBN 978-0-89800-309-3
217 pp

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