New Kind of Knowledge

A New Kind of Knowledge – Evocations, Exhibitions, Extensions, and Excavations

"The TSK vision does not seek to tell or persuade, but to show, and it shows not by pointing out what is already there to be seen, but by inviting us to look for ourselves. What we see is not so important. What matters is that we learn to see, and learn not to close down our seeing prematurely."

This book offers articles by seventeen students of the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision (introduced by Tarthang Tulku in 1977), exploring how to think and perceive in new ways. In a wide range of styles and approaches, they demonstrate forms of inquiry that can illuminate the context of our existence. Manifold dimensions of time and space reveal themselves, limiting structures drop away, and a transforme vision of reality emerges. A New Kind of Knowledge features penetrating reflections on knowledge, time, and experience, as well as practical applications in psychology, teaching, business, and time management.

ISBN 978-0-89800-357-4
305 pp

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