Ratna Ling Longevity Stupa Notebook

This notebook's cover features the Ratna Ling Longevity Stupa dedicated to the longevity of Dharma Publishing founder Lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. This magnificent, gold-leafed stupa, part of a larger sacred garden, is the site of practice and ceremony for the Ratna Ling community and an ideal place for connecting with the beauty and tranquility of nature.

The Stupa has long been a potent Buddhist symbol, a pure manifestation of enlightenment. Constructed in accord with universal principles and empowered with the knowledge conveyed through the Buddhist lineages, stupas promote harmony and balanced in the world. Magnified many times over by the relics sealed within, their ability to defuse the forces of chaos and negativity can ease the ills of body and mind, heighten awareness, and avert natural disasters. For those attuned to their significance, stupas can directly transmit the power of enlightenment.

Category: Stupa

Type: Gift - PBNotebook

Vendor: Dharma Publishing

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