Revelations of Mind (2nd Edition)

With the book Revelation of Mind we begin an inquiry into the mystery of mind and how its operations affect our well-being. When we know more about how mind works, we can understand what runs our life.

The opportunity to learn from experience is among the most precious benefits life offers. But our experience is more than the thoughts, emotions and events that stand out in memory; it encompasses the most subtle interactions of senses, brains, mind and consciousness. In Revelations of Mind the author helps us explore the human mind from the perspective of inner experience.

Mind is much more complex than we can imagine, and the mental patterns and structures that shape our lives and our choices are so basic we may not even notice them. There are patterns of mind. There are patterns of language. There are patterns of concerns and emotions. Are we ready to ask how these patterns get set up and how they operate?

In releasing it for publication, the author has said, "Our mind is the creator of all we experience, yet we suffer for we do not understand the creator or the creation. But if we can closely contact the processes by which mind generates experience, we can give ease to our mind and appreciate the true nature of our embodiment. We can make our mind our best friend and our most reliable companion."




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