Sacred Art of Tibet

Sacred Art of Tibet, the first book produced by Dharma Publishing, is a revised and enlarged edition of the catalog prepared for the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center's (TNMC) art exhibits dating from 1970. 

At a time when misinformation on Tibet abounded, this book was published to provide readers with reliable information on the art and culture of Tibet. It features essays that enhance understanding of the statues and paintings on exhibit, introducing the view and philosophy that underlie their profound and expansive symbolism. Topics include sunyata, Vajrayana tantric art, beauty as a manifestation of the ultimate, the nature and significance of the deities in Tibetan art, and the deities as guides to perfection. Since Western practitioners are still vulnerable to fascination and misunderstandings of tantric art, this book can be used in classes on visualization and in conjunction with other practice materials, such as Practices on the Buddhist Path.

ISBN 978-0-913546-0-00
102 pp, with 43 b&w photographs


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