Tibetan Meditations Volume 4 - Interaction with Yourself

Within mind there is much of interest, many positive feelings and a vital energy. When we turn our attention inward and enter the openness behind thoughts or at the other side of the senses, we can make contact with the sound of our inner being, where it is possible to communicate with a positive inner voice that speaks to us directly. Finally having created the right conditions of openness, we can ask mind to give us more pleasure and and less pressure, to show us our deepest heartfelt desires, such as contentment, inner peace, satisfaction, and joy. 

Track 1: Introduction and KN#27 - 5 Minutes
Track 2: Establishing The Seven Gestures - 6 Minutes
Track 3: Meditation Part 1, Tuning the Breath - 18 Minutes
Track 4: Meditation Part 2, Interaction with Yourself - 27 Minutes

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