When a Book Becomes a Companion: Jataka Tales Part 2

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Discover the profound wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings through the captivating Jataka tales presented in Leaves of the Heaven Tree. These ancient stories entertain and enlighten through illustrating the intricate relationship between cause and effect. Through these tales, the Buddha imparted essential Buddhist principles, emphasized the importance of cultivating wisdom and compassion, and presented the continuous unfolding of karma. Within each Jataka tale lies the practice of the six perfections: giving, moral conduct, patience, effort, meditation and wisdom. Great blessings come from reading these accounts of the Buddha’s lives. 

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"When you read Jataka tales with an open heart, you will clearly see the beauty of a life governed by virtue, compassion and kindness" (p. xvi, Leaves of the Heaven Tree).

Leaves of the Heaven Tree

Treasured by all Buddhist traditions, Leaves of the Heaven Tree is a compilation of 108 Jataka tales. This volume was originally crafted by the 11th-century Buddhist poet Ksemendra and is renowned for its clear elucidation of the Buddha’s teachings. We are delighted with the opportunity to share these tales with you. Twenty-nine exquisite thankas, originally from Tibet and now reprinted with permission, are included and illustrate each of the Jatakas presented.

"Springing forth like leaves from the tree of enlightened knowledge, these Jataka tales reveal precisely which actions lead to freedom and which enmesh us in suffering" (back cover, Leaves of the Heaven Tree).


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"From the moment we put aside selfish concerns and direct ourselves to helping all beings, love and compassion begin to grow. The nature of compassion is boundless and unending: However small a selfless action - the gift of a few grains of wheat, a few flowers or a vase of water - from such a seed the tree of enlightenment will inevitably grow, extending its branches in all directions as it matures into a true wish-fulfilling tree. Once the seed of enlightenment is activated, no conditions can stop it from sprouting the branches of compassion and wisdom. Sustained by the growth of enlightened qualities, it will advance ever more surely toward the radiant omniscience of a perfectly awakened Buddha" (Leaves of the Heaven Tree, p. xxii).



Fantastic Book!  “I've had a couple copies of this book for many years now and would highly recommend it to any Buddhist or anyone with an open mind. It's a wonderful book for anyone on the spiritual path, there are so many lessons to be learned and each story teaches us the cause and effect of a person's actions, I love it!” (Mr. A Mc)

Excellent Book, Worth Sharing “Third time around...excellent book, worth sharing.” (Delores M.)


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