Tibetan Meditations Volume 2 - Being Present Through the Breath

Meditators of all traditions can benefit from the health and mental balance developed through cultivating the breath. In this guided meditation, we learn to contact the soft warmth of the breath, allowing it to relax and heal the body and mind. As the body relaxes more and more, we begin to sense lightness and space that can heal us at the cell level and awaken joyful feelings thus establishing a vivid, immediate presence of body and mind.  Once we learn to taste openness, meditation becomes easy. When you are just learning how to swim, as soon as you feel comfortable in the water, you can enjoy the feeling of floating or gentle movement without thinking about how to do it. Similarly, when you know how to get inside awakened feelings, you can carry on the flavor of the experience without thinking about instructions.

Track 1: Being Present Through the Breath Meditation, Part 1 - 30 Minutes
Track 2: Being Present Through the Breath, Part 2 - 25 Minutes

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