Tibetan Meditations Volume 3 - Opening the Senses

In this guided meditation, we bring awareness to each of the senses so that their individual qualities come alive in all of our experience. Adding alertness to each sense experience and going to the depths of breath and of each of the  individual senses, we discover a fundamental openness. Through gentleness, we begin to develop more and more knowledge of our senses and our experience. Beyond the pre-patterned character of experience, beyond all mental activity, there may exist a completely different reality - a total openness. Here we discover that we have what we need and that we are what we seek. 

Track 1: Short Kum Nye Practice: Harmonizing Opposites - 4 Minutes
Track 2: The Seven Gestures, A Gesture of Balance - 7 Minutes
Track 3: Meditation Part 1, Silent Vibrant Joy - 8 Minutes
Track 4: Meditation Part 2, Beyond All Mental Activity - 7 Minutes
Track 5: Meditation Part 3, Cycle of the Senses - 29 Minutes

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