Death and Dying Retreat - Ratna Ling

11 Sessions with Arnaud Maitland
This workshop presents Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on death and dying. Providing information about the process of dying, advice about how to help people who are dying, and insights into how to live life more fully by facing the immanence of Death, this workshop has valuable teachings from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition on this very important topic.
Using readings from The Joy of Being, Living without Regret, Knowledge of Freedom, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the workshop covers:
* Human embodiment
* The process of dissolution during the final stages
* The three Bardos
* Becoming familiar with the Tibetan Book of the Dead
* How to best help the sick and dying
* The Bardo between birth and death
* The Tibetan Wheel of Life
* Karma and suffering
* Forgiveness
* Connecting to Time through knowledge of death
* Use of mantra and visualization


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