Longchenpa's 30 Pieces of Advice from the Heart

10 Day Retreat Recorded at Ratna Ling Retreat Center led by Arnaud Maitland with Spanish Translation

Longchenpa is widely considered the most important explicator of the Dzogchen teachings of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. His writings and teachings, as well as the example of his life, have had an immense impact on Dharma practitioners for over seven centuries.

Longchenpa’s teaching illustrate that all elements of conven­tional experience are building blocks of wisdom: thoughts, concepts, emotions, senses, and feelings. Those who take a reli­gious view toward this life may look for God: those who take a philosophical view may look for truth. Still others may look for love. Whatever they look for – whatever you look for – that is Longchenpa.

By opening our hearts to Longchenpa, we receive his blessings, for he embraces us as we are. He unites knowledge, practice, and blessings into a complete teaching and a complete path.


Track Listing

1. Introduction to Longchenpa

2. Three Gems

3. Renunciation & Practice: Present in the Present

4. Q&A, Dharmakaya

5. First Three Advices

6. Fourth Advice: Short Term Plans

7. Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Advice

8. Seventh Advice: Spiritual Practice

9. Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, & Eleventh Advices

10. Twelfth Advice

11. Twelfth & Thirteenth Advices

12. Fourteenth, Fifteenth, & Sixteenth Advices

13. Stop Alienating Yourself

14. Advices Seventeen through Twenty

15. Twenty-First Advice

16. Appreciation, Stillness, The Voice

17. Twenty-Second, Twenty-Third & Twenty­Fourth Advices

18. Twenty-Fifth, Twenty-Sixth & Twenty- Seventh Advices

19. Twenty-Eighth & Twenty-Nineth Advice

20. Thirtieth Advice and Closing

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