Kum Nye Guided Practices, 10 Audio Programs

Readings and exercises from Tarthang Tulku's book Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga.

Program 1 – Introduction to Kum Nye
Kum Nye is the art of developing balance, leading to the integration of body and mind in all our activities. We become healthy and our lives function smoothly.

Exercises 44, 77, 57, 22                                             Time: 33’09"

Program 2 – The Art of Developing Balance
The key to both internal integration and a balanced relationship with the world lies within our feelings and sensations. We can nurture and heal the body and mind by touching our feelings deeply and expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us, for they are linked to the vitality of the universe.

Exercises 1, 15, 19, 16, 57                                         Time: 59’57"

Program 3 – Integrating Body and Mind
Through Kum Nye we awaken feelings, which expand and accumulate until we slowly become aware of a deep, interpenetrating field of energy, inside the body and beyond. This energy can sustain and nurture us in our daily lives. Our minds become clearer and we discover what it means to be balanced.

Exercises 47, 21, 33, 22                                             Time: 62’50"

Program 4 – Living Life in the Breath
Once we know how to contact the energy of breath, breathing becomes an infinite source of vitalizing energies. We can change our mental and physical states by changing the way we breathe.

Exercises 14, 8, 6, 7                                                   Time: 56’59"

Program 5 – Developing Wholeness of Energy
When we activate the feelings in the body and use our senses, every part of the body becomes vibrantly alive and healthy – mentally and emotionally we become fully awake.

Exercises 20, 25, 54, 62, 58                                       Time: 58’

Program 6 – Tools for Transformation
When the flow of energy is active and balanced, it regenerates every aspect of body, mind, and senses, continuously increasing our mental and physical vitality. Each situation holds positive energy for transformation.

Exercises 70, 28, 105                                                 Time: 63’

Program 7 – Healing the Four Energy Centers
Each center of the body is capable of vibrating with positive energy or depressing and confusing restlessness. We can balance and heal ourselves by concentrating on the energy centers in the body.

Exercises 72, 52, 103, 46, 79, 35, 29, 59, 60              Time: 67’54"

Program 8 – Stimulating and Transforming Energies
With Kum Nye, our energy constantly refreshes and renews itself. Time and age cannot catch and freeze this energy. It is always actively moving and cultivating itself.

Exercises 110, 92, 55, 66, 75, 107                             Time: 50’55

Program 9 – Morning and Evening Practice
Kum Nye awakens our energies and senses in the morning and opens our hearts to all of existence. At night Kum Nye calms down what is overactive, settling our energies in the heart for true relaxation.

Exercises 17, 25, 54, 105                                          Time: 41’05"

Program 10 – Transmuting Negative Energies
Within every feeling or sensation, there is the same pure energy – both “negative” and “positive” emotions are flexible manifestations of energy. Only on the surface level do negative and positive, sadness and happiness exist.

Exercises 68, 69, 14, 26, 85, 37, 87                          Time: 50’14

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