Kum Nye - Tibetan Yoga, Tarthang Tulku - line by line commentary by Arnaud Maitland - Download

An in depth line by line commentary of Tarthang Tulku's Kum Nye -Tibetan Yoga. This reading and commentary is designed to help the reader delve deeper into the theory behind Kum Nye, allowing practitioners of all levels to gain new insights and strengthen their Kum Nye practice.

Track listing;

Track 1. Foreword to the edition 23.53min. viii-ix

Track 2. Preface 57.43min. x-xiii

Track 3. The Inner and outer Massage of Feeling. Part 1 p3-5; 42.36min

Track 4. Inner Outer Massage. Part 2 p5-9; 43.05min

Track 5. Inner Outer Massage of Feeling. Part 3. p9-12; 47.51min

Track 6. Inner Outer Massage of Feeling. Part 4. p12-14; 26.55min

Track 7. Inner Outer Massage of Feeling. Part 5 p15-18; 45.08 min

Track 8. Preparation. Part 1 p19-24; 51min

Track 9. Preparation. Part 2 p24-28; 53.07min

Track 10. Sitting. Part 1 p29-35; 45.35min

Track11. Sitting. Part 2 p36-38;

Track 12. Breathing. Part 1 p38-43; 51min

Track 13. Breathing. Part 2 p43-46; 41min

Track14. Miscellaneous; Accumulation & Knowledge; 24.17min

Track 15. Massage. p59-62; 41.26min

Track 16. Massage as Part of Practice. p63-65.33; 10min.

Track 17. Parts of Massage. p66-97; 1.06.47min

Track 18. Parts of Massage. p102-139; 59.13min

Track19. Guiding Practice. p148-150; 45.18min.

Track 20. Guiding Practice. p150-154; 42.47min.

Track 21. Guiding Practice. Group 2; p182; 23.15min.

Track 22. Balancing and Integrating. p210-211; 30.35min

Track 23. Balancing and Integrating. p211-212; 50.19min

Track24. Balancing and Integrating. p212-215; 43.30min

Track 25. Balancing and Integrating. Stages 1 2 and 3. 48.56min

Track 26.Stimulating and Transforming. p291-294; 41min.

Track 27.Stimulating and Transforming. p294-295; 45.33min

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