The Power of Time Volume 1: Awakening to Time

Time was here before we were born, and time will be here after we die. Time is one of the most precious resources available to human beings. Time is our life. Time needs to become part of awareness.

Once time is gone, we can never get it back. Yet we can discover and become familiar with time's nature, value, and energy. Knowing these qualities of time intimately will enable us to make the best use of our time and counteract the three patterns of being out of time.

Before we can control and manage time, we first have to wake up to time.

1. Recognizing the Power of Time

2. The Qualities of Time: nature , value and energy
3. Patterns of being out of time : victim of time, short of time, waste of time
4. Mindfulness of Time: being present
5. Workbook for awakening to time

Readings and exercises from:
Skillful Means – Tarthang Tulku
Mastering Successful Work- Tarthang Tulku
MasterWork – Arnaud Maitland
Living without Regret - Arnaud Maitland


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