The Power of Time Volume 3: Incorporating Time

Learning to master time will sustain our efforts to make positive changes and direct our own destiny. Expanding awareness, sharpening concentration, stabilizing energy will refine our relationship with time.

Five ways to master time are presented. As awareness touches time directly, and time opens to receive it, a fundamental transformation will occur, and experience and actions will manifest in completely new patterns.


1. Opening Time through Awareness
2. Steps for Positive change: seeds, weeds, time
3. Releasing the pressure of time
4. Five ways to master time

Readings and exercizes from:
Mastering Successful Work – Tarthang Tulku
Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga - Tarthang Tulku
MasterWork - Arnaud Maitland
Living Without Regret – Arnaud Maitland


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