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Self-care has become a popular topic in our daily conversations, emphasizing the importance of taking time for ourselves when life feels out of control. However, the notion of ‘taking time’ away from work to achieve a means of promoting our well-being is a limited solution. Solely focusing on self-care outside of our daily activities does not address the feelings of burnout or being overwhelmed during the workday. For this reason, we must add a new dimension to the self-care conversation: to integrate self-care practices while working.

With the guidance of Tarthang Tulku’s book Caring, explore the deep importance of learning to care and how you can use it to ease your heart, strengthen your spirits, and transform your sense of what is possible both within and beyond the workplace.

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“To care, we need to look” (Caring, p. 52).

“Now is the time to act, to seize every minute, every opportunity, day after day. At home, at work, at play: it does not matter. What matters is care” (Caring, p. 83).

The Basics are Breath

Focusing on the breath may seem repetitive or frivolous when seeking to enact changes in your workday. Yet, being attuned to our breath is essential for our overall well-being. How often do you pay attention to your breathing? Is it solely during times of stress? As such, the initial step in caring for ourselves while working is to renew our connection with the breath throughout the day, not only during a spa visit or yoga retreat but right here and now.

The Here and Now

Start your journey by focusing on the quality of your breathing throughout the workday. Whether you're at your desk, stocking shelves, helping a customer, or weeding a garden bed, take a moment to focus on your breath without judgment or criticism. Next, take a deep breath, imagining the air slowly reaching any areas of tension that may be present in your body. Hold the breath when it reaches those areas, and then exhale gently.

Throughout this process, notice your actions and reactions. Pay attention to where you feel tense during the inhale and exhale - is it in your throat, the back of your neck, or your chest? Then, observe how you respond. Do you find yourself scrunching up your shoulders and taking shallow breaths? Or do you allow your belly to expand and lead your breathing, relieving your shoulders of the duty to control your inhales and exhales?

Practicing this form of awareness is the first step in rebuilding your relationship with breathing. Just like in any new partnership, getting to know the other person and understanding how to behave around them takes time. Similarly, if you’ve neglected to pay attention to your breath, it will take some time and experimentation to figure out which movements and breathing techniques work best for you. The key is to give yourself permission to try different approaches and learn from them. Eventually, you may discover that your breath becomes a trusted companion, ready to support you no matter what comes your way.



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Customer Reviews

Positive path of self care through self knowledge: “Accessible and insightful- presents so clearly what keeps us from caring for ourselves in a meaningful way. Gaining insight into how our minds work we naturally see others with kindness and receive the same in return” (A Customer).


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