Practices and Exercises: Mastering Successful Work (Part 3)

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By taking the time to reflect on the positive outcomes of our work that manifested throughout the day, we not only acknowledge the benefit of skillful means to ourselves but cultivate the energy to help others succeed and enjoy their work. The evening is a perfect time for such reflection and offers us the opportunity to gain a sense of resolution and appreciate the fruits of our labor. Rather than rush through the evening, in an attempt to escape the stresses of the day, let us choose to practice appreciation and gratitude. By reflecting on our experiences, we can gain clarity and closure, paving the way for a calm and positive energy to carry us forward.

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"Almost any successful venture we undertake has four stages: preparing the foundation, starting into action, developing strength and getting results, and enjoying the fruits. Awareness, concentration, and energy can support success at every stage" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 77).

"Enjoying the fruits of our accomplishment prepares us to work with even greater intelligence and enthusiasm in the future" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 83).

Look Back and Embrace

Each evening, we have a choice to evaluate our lives with a positive or negative outlook. It is tempting to simply forget the day’s events and quickly fall asleep. However, let’s take a moment to embrace our efforts and accomplishments, no matter how big or small. By doing so, we can recognize our potential and may even realize that we are capable of achieving more than we previously thought.

Additionally, as we learn to appreciate our days, we start to develop a closer relationship with life. Our emotions, such as love, joy, and energy, become more pronounced, which allows us to enjoy life more fully. We no longer feel limited by the constraints of time, energy, or knowledge. Instead, we can acknowledge that there is enough space to accommodate any insufficiency, and that time is abundant enough to provide endless opportunities for growth and learning.

Exercise E: Appreciating Accomplishment

“In the evening before going to bed, do a few simple stretches, then sit with the back straight, breathe deeply, and exhale fully three times through both nose and mouth. Looking back on what you did during the day, appreciate and enjoy each step of accomplishment, each positive thought and action. Where you could have done better, resolve to improve. Embrace all of your actions with positive energy, and let this energy stay with you as you go to sleep” (Mastering Successful Work, p. 249).



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