Practices and Exercises: Mastering Successful Work (Part 2)

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The start of the day is a powerful time, where the energy we’ve gained through physical rest and our encounter with the dreamscape continues to echo into our waking mind. Whether you consider this energy good or bad, the lessons expressed in Mastering Successful Work can aid in the development of a set of tools to help you reset and approach the day with fresh eyes.

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"As we reactivate our focus again and again, we eventually discover in our focusing a special relaxation, a pool of positive energy that gives strength to concentration and feeds back into expanded awareness" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 52-53).

"Each of us has the ability to design and embody dynamic patterns of work that express our intelligence in action" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 15).

Cultivating the Tools

Through the implementation of thoughtfully designed exercises by Tarthang Tulku, we can develop the necessary tools to reinvigorate our focus and approach each day with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

Exercise D: Visualizing Positive Energy

“In the morning, right after waking up, do some simple stretches to loosen the body. Then sit quietly with the back straight and breathe deeply, exhaling fully three times through both nose and mouth. Let body and mind become completely silent. This silence can be so deep and full there are no thoughts.

From within silence, let positive energy and positive thoughts arise. Visualize the actions you plan for the day ahead in a positive light, and imagine positive feelings radiating throughout the entire day to come and beyond to the full expanse of your life. Remind yourself that you are preparing not just for a single day, but for the whole future. Wish from your heart for a beautiful life, and let good thoughts and feelings flow freely. Continue for five or ten minutes” (Mastering Successful Work, p. 248-249).



For Further Study

Dharma Publishing also offers a 55-page workbook, outlining a 28-day program that will help you organize your day, set targets, evaluate results, and stay on time. Cultivate the tools you need to bring the most out of your life.

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Customer Reviews

Daily life Buddhism: “Mastering Successful Work' is an amazing book because it teaches peoples the same type of skills that then above-mentioned theories would, but from a more principled perspective. The myriad of meditation exercises all share the same ethical core: first, that we, from second to second, can choose who we are, and second, that the fundamental truth of our existence is, as Buddhism teaches, interdependence - which makes empathy, practiced on a daily basis, the most important and necessary survival skill” (Daniel Schut).


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